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How to DRIFT like a drift king?

How to Drift by Tsuchiya Keiichi

This whole drifting regime that has been heatedly taking place in the mainstream industry now - made popular by the recent blockbuster "Tokyo Drift" a few years back - was actually around since the mid-1960s (though no one can actually confirm when exactly it all started).

Well, I bet all of you were certainly freaking whooped when you first saw the awe-inspiring drifting scenes by Lucas Black. A car with great personal taste just can't go without some drifting nowadays.

But certainly not all cars are drift cars. The best type of cars for drifting is RWD (rear-wheel-drive) which means that the driven wheels are located at the back of the car (click HERE to read more about RWD). Look at the pic below. But ultimately it is definitely the skills of the driver that matters.

Here is a list of compiled A-list car brands for drifting that are rather popular.

A-List (click on links for detailed review from www.driftingstreet.com)

There are all types of drifting methods and combination around. Some are simple, some are banned on race tracks, some are just disastrous to your car and some requires a lot of speed. You can go to DriftLock to read on the various types of drifting such as the Clutch Kick, the Dirt Drop Drift, Jump Drift, Handbrake Drift, Feint Drift and Inertia Drift.

and if that is still not enough materials for you, do visit WikiHow - How to Drift for more detailed and beginners-guided write up on most of the things about drifting.

Drift them wheels! Down those hills!


Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9


Price: whooping S$700,000 ++!

Even though there has been lots and lots of coupe or convertibles produced by Aston Martin throughout their 90 years of car-making history, none has been more famous than those having "DB" printed on their labels.

Aston Martin DB9.

sexy isn't it. well, the price comes with many nice packages. The current Aston Martin DB9 is renowned not only for the sleek exotic sporty appearance, but also for its powerful performance. It is powered by a crazy 6.0Litre V12 engine which makes the ride in this beast fun with the giant exhaust, 19-inch wheels and thrilling steering moments. And apparently the internal car system is pretty awe-gasmic as well with all the audio system, bluetooth connectivity, power-heated seats and sexy headlamps.

i can picture it in my mind while bumming through the video and review on it.

throw me a cash machine and i will ride you back home with my Aston Martin DB9.

watch that.


I cannot help it but to post up this PARKING 101 VIDEO FOR DUMMIES over here. Look at my previous post if you're not sure what i am talking about.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you don't become a persistent but stupid driver like that.

But if you insist to be one hell of a persistent dumb driver when it comes to parking, do try to pick up the attitude of the driver below.

Be smart.

Parking Idiots!

I bumped into this really really hilarious and at the same time pissing off website that goes around condemning those darn brainless idiots who commit the crimes below!

idiot sia. what happened to your eyes man.

another parking idiot.

this is seriously the ULTIMATE idiot.
can you even believe what you're seeing?
i almost fainted.

Parking Idiots in Singapore - you guys seriously need to check this site out and have a good laugh at the stuff they have inside. I never knew that there are so many parking idiots out there in Singapore.

its just a pity that the latest post from that site is dated all the way in 2006. Someone ought to take over that site and continue posting up more contents.

have fun laughing.


Nissan GT-R! The 2009 Motor Trend Car of The Year

Nissan GT-R.

Its really amazing to see this sexy car speeding down the road.

No wonder this ultra sleek car with powerful performance and design was crowned the 2009 MOTOR TREND CAR OF THE YEAR.

Look at the video and drool baby. if you are not, then there has to be something wrong with you.

and it really made me fainted a month ago when I remembered watching some video and some pictures about two Nissan GT-R 2008 in malaysia being entirely deformed and crushed. with a heart-breaking new "face-lift".

have a good time having a heart-break.

Jaguar Land Rover

"Land Rover is a world-renowned manufacturer of premium 4x4's based in the United Kingdom"


"Based in the UK, Jaguar Cars Limited is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury sports saloons and sports cars"

Its pretty daunting to find out that even such powerful car brands in the industry, that will make anyone faint in awe by just seeing them driving past on the high streets, can recently file a report to seek bail-out amidst all the economic crisis that our crazy world is facing.

and honestly i wouldn't say that i was really really shocked over the news that i saw from Autocars online a while ago. with all the wild bumps that the economic world just had (like Lehmann brothers, AIG and wadever else), i guess we're kinda prepared to hear more such discouraging news.

more about the Jaguar Land Rover bail-out.

Apparently, they are reported to be seeking a £1bn emergency loan from the UK government as the sales of the company's vehicles continue to plummet. As to what extent has the sales dropped, well a whooping 37 percent drop in the US market for the first 10 months and another 27 per cent fall in the UK are severe enough to just throw those jaguars back into the cage.

however, some parties have opinions that JLR should not receive such emergency loan from the government, especially during this period of uncertainties, as it is for the greater good fo the society to let companies downsize or even fail and not to be lumbered with high taxes for the next few decades.

what do you guys think? feel free to discuss.

as for me, i will continue drooling over Jaguar XF which can cost up to $300000. Dayemm.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grandsport

something to die for. extreme luxury which costs a whooping US$2million dollar. only 50 in the world.

Maserati Grantourismo

a sleek look. ultra sleek. and a ferrari engine. powerful 4.2 litre V8 engine. only shit thing is that there's few dealers around the world. so wherever you are, its real exclusive to see a maserati.

my dream. its every man's dream to own this car. work hard man.

Nissan GT-R 2009

dayeeeemmm. this car is freaking hot. one of the more attainable dreams among the sexy sports cars.

3.8l V6 Engine. still powerful. should be seeing this around town soon.

Lamborghini Reventon

the name is sexy enough to say it all. ultra exclusive and luxurious. whooping US$1.4 million. only 20 cars sold.
and acceleration to 60mph in freaking 3 seconds! shit.

veh veh hot!