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How to DRIFT like a drift king?

How to Drift by Tsuchiya Keiichi

This whole drifting regime that has been heatedly taking place in the mainstream industry now - made popular by the recent blockbuster "Tokyo Drift" a few years back - was actually around since the mid-1960s (though no one can actually confirm when exactly it all started).

Well, I bet all of you were certainly freaking whooped when you first saw the awe-inspiring drifting scenes by Lucas Black. A car with great personal taste just can't go without some drifting nowadays.

But certainly not all cars are drift cars. The best type of cars for drifting is RWD (rear-wheel-drive) which means that the driven wheels are located at the back of the car (click HERE to read more about RWD). Look at the pic below. But ultimately it is definitely the skills of the driver that matters.

Here is a list of compiled A-list car brands for drifting that are rather popular.

A-List (click on links for detailed review from www.driftingstreet.com)

There are all types of drifting methods and combination around. Some are simple, some are banned on race tracks, some are just disastrous to your car and some requires a lot of speed. You can go to DriftLock to read on the various types of drifting such as the Clutch Kick, the Dirt Drop Drift, Jump Drift, Handbrake Drift, Feint Drift and Inertia Drift.

and if that is still not enough materials for you, do visit WikiHow - How to Drift for more detailed and beginners-guided write up on most of the things about drifting.

Drift them wheels! Down those hills!


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